Pictures from Lisbon

Lisbon 2008 001

So it is starting to sink in, there won’t be a Dakar rally this year, and it is not clear whether there will be another one in the coming years, at least not in the same format of North-African countries, scale and scope, etc.

Nadav and I are going to put our heads together and figure out what race/races we can do in 2008 instead of the Dakar.  So I won’t be writing much in the next few months until we figure out what’s next.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures from Lisbon, where until Friday morning was a the scene of a huge, adrenalin-filled gathering of hundreds of drivers & mechanics, and hundreds of thousands of rally enthusiasts and desert lovers.  Hope to see everyone again next year!

Cars & trucks checked by the officials before acceptance into the race:

Lisbon 2008 118 Lisbon 2008 110

Lisbon 2008 120 Lisbon 2008 116

Lisbon 2008 114 Lisbon 2008 124

The CRV car, proudly features some of the technology startups we invest in:

Lisbon 2008 090 

You can learn  more about those startups’ products and services by going to CRV, or directly at: Vlingo, iSkoot, Virtusa, Geni, ThinkFire, Optaros, Gridstone Research, BusRadio, Intellectual Ventures, July Systems, Twitter, Eons, Maxthon, and Groove Mobile.

All ready to go: our car, one of our team’s 4×4 race support trucks, and an assistant support vehicle:

Liabon 2008 075

And this sums up our attitude re our own navigation capabilities:

Lisbon 2008 080

8 Responses to Pictures from Lisbon

  1. Greg says:

    Shame it got cancelled 😦 Very nice car though, good luck for next year!!

  2. Himesh says:

    Sorry to hear the race got canceled. I was enjoying your intro leading up to it. The car looks awesome!

  3. Laureen Costa says:

    So sorry to hear about the Dakar being cancelled. I was pulling for you and your brother (and I was excited learning all about the Dakar through your blog). I hope you get to use that fantastic vehicle (with all the CRV co logos) during another race/rally.

  4. Miguel says:

    shame about the race, it is one of my favorite rally events. BTW, you missed Optaros on the VC company list (although i see our orange logo on the right-rear wheel well). Hopefully you can still get into on of the other major rallies this year.

  5. Gad says:

    I just got back to the NE cold in time for the snow. I have been following the Dakar and was shocked that it had to be cancelled. I am sure both of you where ready to go to be faced with this news. Thank you for the blog! Has been nice to see your preparations and will follow your next move.

  6. Ted Morgan says:

    Izhar, so sorry to hear about the race. That sucks. Must have been a huge letdown. Hopefully they can get it going again somehow in the future.

  7. I must say the post’s here very interesing will check back regulary 🙂

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