The Silkway Rally 2016 part 1: Russia

Silkway map

This summer we embarked on a GRAND adventure, an off road rally from Moscow to Beijing, 7,000 miles of forest, prairie, and serious desert across Russia, Kazakhstan, and China.  Among the 110 teams that started the race, 90 cars and 20 trucks, were two Israeli teams: Raz Heimann and Hillel Segal in their “Yellow” #127, and our team, in the #155 desert Warrior: Aviv Kadshai and me, supported by three awesome mechanics Vilder, Levinson, and Bengal.

A spectacular start in Moscow Red Square under cloudy skies started it all…

IMG_2082 - עותק - עותק4CDF7CCD-A85A-4E68-8B6C-C6F8732C440C

Next day was “just” a road day of 800 km, with a very short Prolog in Kazan, at the heart of Russia Tatarland, to determine the starting order for the race.


More rain cancelled the next stage so again a long 500+ km road section from Kazan to Ufa.



Only in the 3rd day of the race the sky cleared enough and we had our first real off-road section, a fun and fast section in flat Russian valley with a couple of river crossing.  Here’s the thing about crowds in a race: the people are often attracted to problem spots where cars may get stuck, rollover, etc, for the action of course; you get there and they cheer you on… if you’re inexperienced, you will accelerate into the river to make a big splash and make them happy… with our experience, though, we slide slowly into the water, to the spectators disappointment but to our safety.. it was a great day, fun to be in a real race again, and over the early evening we crossed the border to Kostanay in Kazakhstan.


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